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Once a month I do an Ask Me Anything on my Instagram Stories. I'd love for you to participate. Follow me on Instagram and keep an eye out on my stories.

  1. What Printer Do I use?

  2. At the time of filming, I used the Tronxy D01. The D01 is a CoreXY printer that both affordable and decent quality out of the box. It has a few shortcomings but overall was acceptable after the firmware is upgraded. I now use the AnyCubic Vyper and am looking at a few other models for backup units.

  3. What Parts Kits Should I Be Buying?

  4. By default, AR15 and Glock have the biggest catalog of designs to choose from, but M11 designs are hugely popular now and the AUG kits are rapidly gaining popularity due to a design by the peeps from AWCY?.

  5. Will 9mm Run Through The Pill Popper

  6. NO. It's actually designed to self destruct and disperse the entire can forward should someone try to fire 9mm through it. The volume and spacing of the geometry was NOT designed with 9mm in mind and therefore I designed in a failsafe instead of allowing it to possibly hurt someone from misuse.

  7. What CAD Software Do You Use?

  8. I use SolidWorks, however I started learning a while ago, before Fusion 360 became so accessible. I now would urge people to look at Fusion 360 over SolidWorks due to the cost of the full suite and the unacceptable requirements of the SolidWorks Makers version.

  9. What Tolerances or Clearances Do You Add to Your Designs

  10. Most of my prints have a subjectively tight tolerance of .005in or .01in depending on how fit a part needs to be. In the case of holes for pins or other areas requiring an accurate press fit, I use a zero tolerance and encourage the user to drill the hole out for the best hole finish.

  11. What Filament Should I Use

  12. All of my designs are created with PLA+ in mind. I typically use eSun PLA+ but am aware of alleged quality control issues as of late. I also am a big advocate of the COEX CF Nylex style of nylon filament and encourage anyone looking to get into nylon to start here.

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