YOU Can Weld 3D Printed Parts - YouTube

Items talked about in this video:

Friction welding isn't anything new but its a technique that can be utilized for joining two prints together with relative ease.

In this video, I talk about friction welding with a Dremel tool and demonstrate the process.

Friction welding is a process in which a material is heated by the friction of the material spinning rapidly and rubbing against the surfaces you wish to mate, causing it to melt and bond within the gaps between the parts.

To give it a shot yourself, you'll need just a few things:

  • A rotary tool

  • Two parts you wish to join (check out my weld helpers if you just want to practice)

  • Filament to use as the weld material

  • A razor blade

  • Sandpaper

Here's a quick step by step to help understand the concept well enough to give it a go on your own:

  1. Insert a small amount of filament into the chuck on your rotary tool and ensure its not curved or bent

  2. Set the speed to a low/medium-low speed to start

  3. Place your two parts in the configuration you'd like them to be joined

  4. Turn the rotary tool on and set it perpendicular to the print (angled doesn't seem to work well here)

  5. Apply light pressure to the rotary tool while it spins and as it melts, drag it along the seam

  6. If you seem to be punching through either of the pieces, either slow down the rotary tool or apply less pressure

  7. Replace the filament as needed

  8. Once the welds are complete, use a razor to clean the seam up and make it flush. Finish with wet sand paper to get the best result