Public Projects

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Check out some of the most notable projects I've completed and shared with the community.

These projects have all started with an idea, designed and prototyped in-house, alpha and beta tested with supporters on Buy Me a Coffee, and subsequently released on DefCAD and odysee.



Mac n Cheese

When you Mix Wisconsin and Mac-11s together, you get Mac n Cheese. This weapon uses any full size, 9mm, M11 upper receiver along with an AR15 FCG & magazine catch, and feeds from Glock magazines.


Hot Pocket

The Hot Pocket is a universal handgun chassis that allows one to better their stability, add optics, and add lower rail accessories to their handgun. Design elements were heavily influenced by the HK G36c




An HK G36-inspired folding brace with a small slot for a magnet (retention), assembles in minutes, and uses minimal hardware. It is much smaller and thinner than a traditional weapon stock and is intended to be used as a brace.


Push Pop

A stubby angled grip with a built-in handstop to prevent fingers from slipping forward or use on a barricade. It's a quick and easy print and fits onto any weapon with a picatinny rail on the forend.



Pill Pusher

While using a SD Tactical booster as a mount, the Pill Pusher is a 9mm linear compensator that directs blast and sound downrange, away from the shooter and firing line. It does NOT suppress or alter the audible report from the weapon.


Pill Popper

The Pill Popper is a unique 22lr suppressor designed with the unique geometry capable only with additive manufacturing in mind. It's Form 1 ready; all NFA rules apply.